The HillviewMed team is led by the Vande Vrede family and a diverse executive team. This New Jersey family has excelled in medicinal marijuana and the USDA Organic Certified, Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), and Non-GMO hydroponic farming for three (3) generations. HillviewMed is committed to growing the safest and most effective medicinal marijuana for the qualified patients of New Jersey. HillviewMed has in place, a highly qualified, born and bred New Jersey based team.

The HillviewMed Vision

HillviewMed is highly qualified to operate Cultivation, Extraction and Dispensing facilities, a completely vertical license. HillviewMed is positioned to begin operations immediately.


HillviewMed is focused on cultivating the highest quality medicinal marijuana in an environmentally sustainable, proven greenhouse environment.


HillviewMed is focused on processing our medicinal marijuana within the strictest standards to ensure that our products align with established consumer brands and our own lab-tested edible, topical, and vape-based lines.

Alternative Treatment Centers

HillviewMed is focused on operating our ATC as a trusted, familiar environment for our qualified patient’s optimal wellness. Our HillviewMed ATC is coming to Paterson, New Jersey.

HillviewMed Facilities

With approved and permitted state-of-the-art facilities in North Jersey, HillviewMed will be able to serve the growing demand for medicinal marijuana to qualified patients. HillviewMed will be delivering quality medicinal marijuana products to qualified patients within 6-7 months of permit, scaling to full production on 9 acres of dedicated canopy and serving our qualified patients from our Alternative Treatment Center in Paterson, NJ. The patients of New Jersey deserve affordable, quality, sustainable medicinal marijuana.

Hillview Facilities
Hillview New Jersey

Why HillviewMed?

  • Experienced and diverse, homegrown, New Jersey team backed by over 50 years of horticulture and agriculture experience.
  • Proven scalable operations.
  • Clean grown, sustainable product line.
  • Strong ties to our communities.
  • Bringing qualified New Jersey patients affordable medicine.

Rooted in Success

Local NJ Experience

With nearly 50 years of local growing experience, the Vande Vrede family is an integral part of New Jersey agriculture.
From Morris to Warren County, the Vande Vrede family operates hundreds of acres of farm land and over 750,000 sq ft of state-of-the-art greenhouses serving the people of New Jersey and giving true meaning to the term Garden State.
The Vande Vrede family has operated businesses that are USDA Certified Organic, GFSI Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified and Kosher.
With 7 years of medicinal marijuana experience in several states, the Vande Vrede family is transitioning into the New Jersey medicinal marijuana space.
Hillview Timeline

Contact Hillview

We welcome any questions and look forward to offering answers to the community and treatment for New Jersey patients. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

30 Hillview Rd, Lincoln Park, NJ 07035