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Our deep history in agriculture allows us to lead the way for the emerging medical cannabis industry.

Hillview is a New Jersey based cannabis company improving the lives of patients in every aspect. From medical cannabis cultivation, to hemp production, to ground-breaking patent-pending cannabis technology, Hillview is at the cutting edge of the ever-evolving cannabis industry and a pioneer in patient care. From our highly experienced team to our state-of-the-art facilities, Hillview prides itself on scalable operations that can meet market demands—now and in the future.


Several states recognize a number of top qualifying conditions affecting the lives of millions of patients throughout the United States. Hillview and it’s experienced partners operate in the following markets

We believe in transparent, meaningful brands aimed at best serving the cannabis consumer.

HillviewMed’s founding family has been a leader in the agriculture industry for over 50 years and is the leading greenhouse supplier in the country. From seed to sale, and the technology in between, Hillview has developed a portfolio of ethical, forward-thinking cannabis brands.


HillviewLabs processes our cannabis and readies it for integration into consumer products. Our state-of-the-art facility also aligns with out of state franchisees to maximize patient access with established consumer brands and our own lab-tested edible, topical, and vape-based lines.


HillviewGro is focused on cultivating the highest quality cannabis in an environmentally sustainable, proven greenhouse environment. We sell the raw cannabis products both through our ATC and wholesale to other ATCs.

Alternative Treatment Centers

HillviewCare is a trusted, familiar environment for consumers. We guide the experience and work closely with our patients for optimal wellness.


Ken VandeVrede is a 3rd generation New Jerseyan bringing 60 years of Dutch agricultural experience passed down from the VandeVrede family. Ken is a business leader who possesses the ability to execute transformational business agendas, and deliver accelerated, sustainable multi-million-dollar outcomes in rapid growth, start-up, and turn-around environments. He led three extremely successful startups as well as six mergers and acquisitions. Leveraging a deep understanding of the cannabis consumer and market landscape, Ken has built a career on uncovering hidden opportunities and creating market-disruptive offerings that deliver exponential growth and scale, while maintaining mission and brand integrity. 

Having been raised in his family’s agricultural business, he possesses an incredibly strong work ethic and deep-seated expertise of groundbreaking technology and farming innovation, historically associated with Dutch growing methods. Vast knowledge of the industry’s latest growing methods—and a keen understanding of pitfalls and challenges—allows Ken to ensure best practices within all facets of an organization. He is frequently called upon to educate and work in partnership with state legislators, senators, hospitals, universities, the media, business leaders, boards, and local, state and federal government agencies. He provides thought leadership around how to view, and react to, the cannabis state. He is committed to producing an organic cannabis product that is more effective and sustainable, and will bring safe, alternate medicinal offerings to those that need it.

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