Grown in the Garden State

Our deep history in New Jersey has prepared us to lead the way for the emerging medical cannabis industry.

What is medical marijuana?

New Jersey celebrates compassionate use.

In 2011, New Jersey passed the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act allowing medicinal marijuana cultivation and distribution of medicinal marijuana through Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs).  

Patients must have an examination and prove that they suffer from debilitating medical conditions including cancer, chronic pain, migraine, PTSD, muscular dystrophy and/or another terminal condition.

Currently, growing patient demand far exceeds what current licensees can provide.

18000 +
Licensed Patients
50 +
Patients Added Daily

Why Does New Jersey Need Medicinal Marijuana?

New Jersey has identified a number of qualifying medical conditions including chronic pain, cancer, MS, anxiety, migraines, and others.

0 %
Treat PTSD
0 %
Want to Reduce Anxiety
0 %
Relieve Chronic Pain

Grown in the Garden State. 

Hillview has deep roots in New Jersey.

Nestled in the trees of northern New Jersey is a family-owned business that for nearly 40 years has provided organically grown plants to the nearby community and beyond.

We care about the quality of their products and we care about our people and our neighbors and neighborhoods. Now we want to give back by directing some of our land resources to aid the suffering among us through the growth of medical cannabis.  The HillviewMed research and development team is second to none and we are excited to bring our resources to the patients of New Jersey.

The people that need medical cannabis solutions deserve proven quality – grown by people born and bred – grown in the Garden State.

The HillviewMed Solution

It's a win-win scenario

We have applied for a completely vertical license and HillviewMed is positioned to begin operations immediately.

CULTIVATION – HillviewGrow is focused on cultivating the highest quality cannabis in an environmentally sustainable, proven greenhouse environment. We sell the raw cannabis products both through our ATC and wholesale to other ATCs. We are ready to grow cannabis within 30 days of receiving our license.

EXTRACTION – HillviewLabs processes our cannabis and readies it for integration into consumer products. Our state-of-the-art facility also aligns with out of state franchisees to maximize patient access with established consumer brands and our own lab-tested edible, topical, and vape-based lines.

ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT CENTERS – HillviewCare will be our first and future dispensary locations (ATCs) – HillviewCare is a trusted, familiar environment for consumers. We guide the experience and work closely with our patients for optimal wellness.

HillviewMed Facilities

We are accustomed to growing the finest plant materials, seeds and cuttings. Our dedication to quality products, smart growing and excellence is now for cannabis.

With state-of-the-art facilities and the space New Jersey needs to be able to serve the growing demand for cannabis by qualified patients, HillviewMed can be operational within 30 days of being awarded a license, and can be delivering quality cannabis products to New Jersey patients in less than 6 months, scaling to full production on 9 acres of dedicated canopy within one year. The patients of New Jersey deserve the best possible products and services.

Paterson, NJ

Hillview Treatment Centers

To us, it is important to allow access to the healing powers of cannabis to people in urban centers and to reach rural and disadvantaged communities around New Jersey as well.

Our first proposed Alternative Treatment Center (ATC) dispensary location will be located in Paterson, NJ – an area with a concentration of people that may otherwise be underserved – both in terms of access to cannabis for patients in need and access to the jobs and opportunities the cannabis industry provides.  We are thrilled to have widespread support for our investment and partnership with the Paterson community.

Direct from our application: Meet Our Executive Team

Our leadership lives in and loves New Jersey and brings more than 40 years in horticulture, 15 years in cannabis, and deep roots in the Garden State


Kenneth is a 3rd generation New Jerseyan bringing 60 years of Dutch agricultural experience passed down from the Vande Vrede family. Kenneth is a business leader who possesses the ability to execute transformational business agendas, and deliver accelerated, sustainable multi-million dollar outcomes in rapid growth, start-up, and turn-around environments. Led three extremely successful startups – Terra Tech; Edible Garden; and Gro- Rite Greenhouse & Garden Center – as well as six mergers and acquisitions.


Leveraging a deep understanding of the cannabis consumer and market landscape, Kenneth has built a career on uncovering hidden opportunities and creating market-disruptive offerings that deliver exponential growth and scale, while maintaining mission and brand integrity. Develop new product lines from ideation to commercialization, while building superior brands that consumers quickly connect with. Having been raised in his family’s agricultural business, he possesses an incredibly strong work ethic and deep-seated expertise of groundbreaking technology and farming innovation, historically associated with Dutch growing methods. Vast knowledge of the industry’s latest growing methods—and a keen understanding of pitfalls and challenges—allows Kenneth to ensure best practices within all facets of an organization. He is frequently called upon to educate and work in partnership with state legislators, senators, hospitals, universities, the media, business leaders, boards, and local, state and federal government agencies. He provides thought leadership around how to view, and react to, the cannabis state. He is committed to producing an organic cannabis product that is more effective and sustainable, and will bring safe, alternate medicinal offerings to those that need it.

The HillviewMed Board will announce remaining members in late 2018 


CEO, HillviewMed Chairman

Hillview Med - Grown in the Garden State

Corporate Director, HillviewMed

Hillview Med - Grown in the Garden State

Corporate Director, HillviewMed

Hillview Med - Grown in the Garden State

Corporate Director, HillviewMed

Mary Smith
Mary Smith

Greencroft Strategies, HillviewMed Director

Introducing some HillviewMed Advisors:

John Rasheed Bennett


I am thrilled that better patient options are coming to the state of New Jersey.

Grace Cordovano

Grace Cordovano

PhD, patient advocate

Expanding my research in the northern New Jersey area means results faster.

David Alston

HVM Security

After years in law enforcement, I’m confident in this step for New Jersey.

Ryan Scott

Community Resources

Medicinal marijuana is going to change lives for the better – across the whole state.

Leonard Marshall

Brand Ambassador

More than a decade with the NY Giants made me understand the need for proactive remedies.

Jeffrey Samuels

Business Development

Our partnerships mean we will produce the best products. Not just in NJ: in the world

Robin Guter


Systems, compliance, research, testing, and trials will make this plant universally accessible.

Mark Hanselman

Community relations

My first career was in law enforcement.  Now I get to continue helping people across NJ.

Nelson Guerrero

Cannabis Cultural

I educate people and communities, in English and in Spanish, about the benefits of cannabis.

Dr. Stephen Goldner

Drug Researcher

With hundreds of FDA approvals already, we look forward to expanding our research. 

Christian Hagaseth

Cannabis Pioneer

A cannabis founder, author, and visionary, and now active HillviewMed Advisor.

We are thrilled to introduce HillviewMed's Medical Advisory Board:

Contact Us

We are ready to serve New Jersey and here to answer your questions.

Please email [email protected] or use the contact form below.

We look forward to growing a strong future together in New Jersey!

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